See, touch, feel, embrace. It’s easy to let your mind wander and your eyes undulate to the rhythm of the Sine, a lampshade designed to lure and engage your senses.

Combining a fascinating shape with a seductive material, the VITA Sine is the newest design from VITA copenhagen. Its harmonious organic pattern contrasts symmetry and asymmetry, dark and light, grey and white, ups and downs, creating a remarkably different look depending on the angle from which it’s viewed, and imprinting an apparent motion and a dynamic vibe to the lamp. “This timeless contemporary piece is reminiscent of the perpetual oscillation of a smooth sine wave. Depending on the position of the observer, the shape of the lamp constantly alternates between symmetry and asymmetry, making it seem alive.”, explains Miklos Leits, the designer behind the VITA Sine lampshade.

The tactile sense is as much delighted as the sight sense. The smooth layer of felt conveys a distinctive character and creates a cozy feel, evocative of the Nordic style and philosophy. Exquisite, intrinsically simple, yet with an attitude twist, the VITA Sine comes as a flat-packed lampshade that can be assembled without glue or any tools. Hidden zippers along the edges transform the 2-D flat geometric shapes into a stunning 3-D silhouette.

VITA Sine’s aesthetics are only matched by the warm and diffused light it offers. “The VITA Sine lamp was designed with the intention of preventing unpleasant glare from the light source, therefore the light bulb is fully embraced by the interlocking light diffuser plates, lending an extraordinary softened light to any space. Because of its subdued and sleek shape, the lamp is meant to complement a wide range of interior styles.”, concludes Miklos Leits. With an exclusive, yet playful design, and a completely glare-free glow, this lampshade can be placed in any spot, in any environment. All you have to do is to see, touch, feel, love.

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