Why California Contemporary Furniture is Great for Your Home

Lifestyle furniture fits in with your lifestyle. The California contemporary furniture we have in our showroom is easy, breezy, and relaxing. It’s the California lifestyle personified. Of course, we do have California contemporary furniture that meets other lifestyles. We have a full house showroom stocked with the finest pieces of furniture from top rated suppliers around the world. Almost everything you see in the showroom can be customized or personalized to fit your needs and your lifestyle. 

Our customers are our top priority and providing beautiful California contemporary furniture is what we love to do. California contemporary furniture provides your home with a chic and easy appeal. It looks effortless, but flawless. You’ll love how great your home will look with our furniture. You can browse our collection online or in person. Our showroom is located in Torrance, California. We are open Monday through Sunday and online anytime. We are committed to providing quality furniture with exceptional customer service. 

We have a large selection of California contemporary furniture to choose from. We make it to your specifications including color, style and material. We have the newest trends in form‑fitting designs from manufacturers like Calligaris and BDI. We offer high‑end California contemporary furniture at an affordable price so that you can design the rooms of your home the way you want them to look. 

We have lifestyle furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and office. We also provide accessories that will complete your look and add a touch of style and class to your rooms that’s uniquely you. California contemporary furniture is all about making it look like you belong there. It’s your home and office, after all. It should reflect you. 

For example, for your living room, we have sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, sofa beds, home entertainment, coffee tables, end tables, accent tables, benches and ottomans. You have so much to choose from with our California contemporary furniture that you can create millions of looks for your living room with our pieces. Mix and match what you like and put it together the way you want it. We want you to have the best living spaces you can conjure up. 

For your dining room, we have different types of dining room tables like glass, wood and more. We also offer a wide variety of dining chairs that you can put with your table. Don’t worry if they don’t go together traditionally. It’s all about what you want. We also have bar stools and counter stools, so if you have a bar in the dining room, you can also have seating. We provide bar and pub tables for a more restaurant style look. Do you need a buffet or a sideboard? Our California contemporary furniture has examples of those too. 

We know that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It should be comfortable. As we like to say, “Comfort is the key to happiness.” Of course, comfort doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. With our beds, nightstands, dressers, drawers and adjustable bed frames, you can have comfort and style. Our California contemporary furniture is made to create a beautiful and comfortable bedroom for you and your family members.

If you’re furnishing an office in the California contemporary style, we have desks, storage, office chairs and shelving. You can have a true power office, one that screams authority and comfort simultaneously. Yes, it is possible. We like to maximize utility while pushing fashion‑ forward designs. Our California contemporary furniture is meant to catch the eye and simplify your life. 

We also have a wide variety of accessories that you can utilize to make your spaces truly your own. We provide mirrors, wall art, ceiling fixtures, lamps and rugs. Adding accessories can make all the difference when it comes to furnishing a home or office. Our collection of accessories will liven up any room you want to improve.

For more information on our California contemporary furniture, please visit our website at http://contemporarylifestyles.com/. We look forward to working with you.